Electrode Pads
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Electrode Pads 305 (adult, left) and
306 (pediatric, right)

        (Used to fibrillate or pace) 

MODELS 305L & 305S ADULT ELECTRODE PADS - Cable has standard female connectors for 0.080 diameter pins on one end and a silicone pad with embedded polished stainless steel electrode buttons on the opposing end.  For pacing use (irrelevant for fibrillation use), each cable unit has the positive (+) wire clearly marked in RED. Cable length for the 305L is 10 feet, for 305S the cable length is 6 feet.  The silicone pad is approximately 4 inches in length and approximately 1.75 inches wide with spacing between electrode buttons of approximately 2 inches.  The sterile electrode pad, after being connected to fibrillator, is placed underneath the myocardium and the  heart is fibrillated at will.


MODELS 306L & 306S PEDIATRIC ELECTRODE PADS - Cable lengths and pad configuration are the same as listed for the 305ís. The only difference between the two being a smaller size silicone pad. The silicone pad for both the306L and 306S pads is approximately 3 inches in length and approximately 1.5 inches wide with a spacing between electrode buttons of approximately 1 inch.  The sterile electrode pad, after being connected to the fibrillator, is placed underneath the myocardium and the heart is fibrillated at will.


USE INSTRUCTIONS FOR 305 & 306. These pads may be used with fibrillator models 31, 302,  310, 310A, 310B, 310C.

If adapter pins are required to connect the new electrodes to the older model fibrillators and are not projecting from terminal posts, unscrew caps (counter clock-wise) to expose openings on posts, insert adapter pins and tighten screw cap (clock-wise) onto pins.  Once pins are in place they are to remain attached to the fibrillator.


CAUTION: When loosening post covers be very careful not to exceed limits of screw cover. 


If the fibrillator is cable ready, simply attach cables to connector pins securely by pushing female socket ends over pins.  The longer cable lengths have a safety clip attached which may be clipped to the OR drapes for convenience.  The sterile cable unit is ready for use once it is connected to the fibrillator and placed beneath the myocardium.


NOTICE: See sterilization methods and warnings for pads and cables. These Electrode pads (305 & 306) are designed and intended for SINGLE USE ONLY!  If the electrode pad is reused after its initial use, the pad/cable must be meticulously cleaned and inspected for damage to connectors, cable or pad electrodes.  If electrodes are even slightly separated from the silicone, or if other damage, however slight, is observed, the pad should be DISCARDED IMMEDIATELY!