Cardiac Fibrillator
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The Model 310C FIBRILLATOR is used to induce myocardial and atrial fibrillation. It offers the following advantages over any other unit:

bulletA sealed zero maintenance unit
bulletNo battery replacement- ever

A unique 85 hertz operating frequency more conducive to fibrillate as compared to line operated units


 Indicator light shows actual electrical load


18 volt peak to peak output provides a power reserve


 Automatic shut-off circuit that activates after 30 minutes in the "ON" position to conserve batteries


 Simple operation- no line cords, no shock hazard, no dials to set


 Recessed terminals means no broken terminals if unit is accidentally dropped


The 310C unit is equipped with a simple three position switch which selects OFF, FULL POWER, or LOW POWER. To conserve battery power, the unit has a an automatic shut-off circuit that activates after thirty (30) minutes in the ON position. To date, our sealed battery operated units have been in use for over 8 years without a single battery failure. Battery operation eliminates a cumbersome line cord and the potential shock hazard that a line unit may present.

 The unit has two protected, recessed connecting terminals which allow trouble free connections for all of our electrode pad and cable models.  The indicator light shows the actual fibrillation power output rather than simply the battery condition.  The indicator light may dim or go out completely during use when a  load is applied, this is a NORMAL occurrence and does not indicate a fibrillator malfunction; instead it shows this to be an actual electrical load. The fibrillator is usually not used in the sterile field.  

 LIMITED WARRANTY - The Model 310C is warranted by Peter Schiff Enterprises to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of original user purchase.  The warranty is limited to replacement and does not cover damages caused by misuse or mishandling.

 Since the unit is completely sealed, repair and parts manuals are unnecessary.